Royal Navy Models

P700 Invincible Class Carriers
P710 Albion Class LSD
P720 Type 22 Frigates
P730 Type 23 Frigate
P745 Type 42/2 Destroyer
P750 Type 42/3 Destroyer
P755 Type 45 Destroyer
S760 RN Mine-Sweeper Set
S790 RN Submarine Set

This is the current Tri-ang Minic Ships range of 1:1200 scale waterline models of modern Royal Navy ships.

The Royal Navy range comprises Invincible Class aircraft carriers, Albion Class assault ships, Type 22 & Type 23 Frigates, Type 42 & Type 45 Destroyers, Hunt & Sandown Class Minesweepers, as well as Vanguard & Trafalgar class submarines.

Apart from the submarines there are a total of thirty nine individual ships in the range each marked with the appropriate Pennant Number, Flight Deck markings and Deck Code.

List of Models
P700 Invincible Class Carriers

P700-R05 HMS Invincible R05
P700-R06 HMS Illustrious R06
P700-R07 HMS Ark Royal R07
P710 Albion Class LSD

P710-L14 HMS Albion L14
P710-L15 HMS Bulwark L15
P720 Type 22 Frigates

P720-F99 HMS Cornwall F99
P720-F85 HMS Cumberland F85
P720-F86 HMS Campbeltown F86
F720-F87 HMS Chatham F87
P730 Type 23 Frigates

P730-F234 HMS Iron Duke F234
P730-F235 HMS Monmouth F235
P730-F236 HMS Montrose F236
P730-F237 HMS Westminster F237
P730-F238 HMS Northumberland F238
P730-F239 HMS Richmond F239
P730-F81 HMS Sutherland F81
P730-F82 HMS Somerset F82
P745 Type 42 Batch 1/2 Destroyers

P745-D86 HMS Birmingham D86
P745-D88 HMS Glasgow D88
P745-D89 HMS Exeter D89
P745-D91 HMS Nottingham D91
P750 Type 42 Batch 3 Destroyers

P750-D95 HMS Manchester D95
P750-D96 HMS Gloucester D96
P750-D97 HMS Edinburgh D97
P750-D98 HMS York D98
P755 Type 45 Destroyers

P755-D32 HMS Daring D32
P755-D33 HMS Dauntless D33
P755-D34 HMS Diamond D34
P755-D35 HMS Dragon D35
P755-D36 HMS Defender D36
P755-D37 HMS Duncan D37
S760 RN Mine-sweeper Set

S760-M106 HMS Penzance M106 & HMS Brocklesby M33
S760-M107 HMS Pembroke M107 & HMS Middleton M34
S760-M108 HMS Grimsby M108 & HMS Dulverton M35
S760-M109 HMS Bangor M109 & HMS Bicester M36

Details of the ships can be accessed by clicking on the photographs above or from the Royal Navy sub-menu under the Products menu at the top of the page..

The models are of robust diecast metal construction with plastic masts and have a non-toxic baked paint finish. Each model is detailed with appropriate deck markings, hull numbers and other highlights.

All of the models have undergone UK and EEC testing as toys and are certified to carry the mark.