M 789 - HMS Virago

Tri-ang Minic Ships - M 789 HMS Virago

This is the Tri-ang Minic Ships model of HMS Virago one of the Royal Navy's five ship "V" Class 1st Rate Fast Anti-Submarine Frigates which were conversions of the remaining ships from the eight ship flotilla of "Valentine" Class destroyers that were laid down, built and commissioned during the Second World War.

The "Valentine" Class comprised HMS Valentine, HMS Vixen, HMS Vigilant, HMS Venus, HMS Virago, HMS Volage, HMS Verulam, and the Flotilla Leader HMS Hardy which was lost in battle during the Second World War. HMS Valentine and HMS Vixen were transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy in 1944 as HMCS Algonquin and HMCS Sioux respectively.

HMS Virago was converted in the 1950's during which her armament was reduced from the original four 4.7" main guns forward, four 40 mm Bofors, four 20 mm anti-aircraft guns and eight 21" torpedo tubes to two 4" guns aft, two 40 mm Bofors abaft the bridge, and 2 Squid triple barrel depth charge mortars at the stern.

Tri-ang Minic produced models of four "V" Class frigates HMS Vigilant, HMS Venus, HMS Virago and HMS Volage. The models of HMS Vigilant and HMS Venus differ from those of HMS Virago and HMS Volage in the shape of the bridge and the absence of the 40 mm Bofors anti-aircraft mount abaft the bridge. Otherwise the models are distinguished only by the model number and name marked on the underside.

The "V" Class models are somewhat inaccurate in relation to their armament when compared to the other models in the range, particularly the "Whitby" Class ships. On all other models a small rotating turret is used to depict 4.5" to 5.25" twin gun mounts while in the "V" Class models the aft 4" twin gun mount is represented by a fixed twin mount which is used to depict the 40 mm Bofors anti-aircraft mount on all the other models.

By comparison the aft 40 mm twin Bofors anti-aircraft mount on the models of the "Whitby" Class ships  is represented by a small rotating turret rather than the fixed twin mount used on all the other models.


Builder: Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd, Wallsend on Tyne
Laid Down: 16th February 1942
Launched: 4th February 1943
Commissioned: 5th November 1943
Displacement: 2,700 tons Full Load
Length (OA): 362 ft 9 in ( 110.6 m )
Beam: 35 ft 8 in ( 10.9 m )
Draft: 16 ft ( 4.9 m ) maximum
Armament: 2 x 4" main guns in a twin turret aft
2 x Squid triple barrel depth charge mortars
Protection (Armour):  
Propulsion: 2 Admiralty 3 drum type boilers, 2 Parsons geared turbines, 2 shafts, 40,000 shp
Maximum Speed: 31.25 knots
Complement: 174 as Squadron Leader
Disposal: June 1965 scrapped at Faslane
( Statistical information from Jane's Fighting Ships 1961 - 62 Edition )

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