M 761 - HMS Swiftsure

Tri-ang Minic Ships - M 761 HMS Swiftsure

This is the Tri-ang Minic Ships model of HMS Swiftsure one of a proposed class of eight Light Cruisers, known as the Minotaur Class, which were ordered under the 1941 and 1942 Warship Construction Programmes. The design was modified after the first two ships, HMS Swifture and HMS Minotaur, were laid down in 1941 as a result of which these two ships became known as the "Group 1" ships.

The "Group 2" ships, sometimes referred to as the Superb Class, included HMS Superb of which Tri-ang Minic Ships also produced a model. The models of HMS Swiftsure and HMS Superb were identical distinguished only by the model number and name marked on the underside.

HMS Swiftsure was the only one of the Group 1 ships to commission in the Royal Navy HMS Minotaur being transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy and renamed HMCS Ontario. She saw brief service in the Far East toward the end of World War II and then spent most of her operational life as a squadron flagship in the West Indies, East Indies and Home Fleet.

A planned modernisation of HMS Swiftsure in the late 1950's was cancelled due to cost as well as the belated commissioning of the Group 2 ships of this class HMS Lion, HMS Tiger and HMS Blake.


Builder: Vickers Armstrong, Tyne
Laid Down: 22nd September 1941
Launched: 4th February 1943
Commissioned: 22nd June 1944
Displacement: 11300 tons Full Load
Length (OA): 555 ft 5 in ( 169.3 m )
Beam: 63 ft ( 19.2 m )
Draft: 20 ft 8 in ( 6.3 m )
Armament: 9 x 6" main guns in three triple turrets - 2 foreward & 1 aft
10 x 4" dual purpose guns in five turrets - 1 aft, 2 port & 2 starboard
8 - 13 40 mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns
Protection (Armour): 31/4" armour belt, 11/2" - 31/2" magazines, 21/2" bulkheads, 11/4" - 2" deck, 1" - 2" turrets, 1/2" - 1" barbettes
Propulsion: 4 Admiralty 3 drum boilers, 4 Parsons single reduction geared turbines, 4 shafts, 80,000 shp
Maximum Speed: 32 knots
Complement: 855 - 870
Disposal: 17th October 1962 scrapped by Ward at Inverkeithing

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